About the authors

Dr.Tony Butt - Oceanographer / Surfer
Gabi Pérez - Meteorologist / Engineer / Surfer

It was just having some beers at El Sitio, Sopelana, when Tony and me started thinking about a European Website for wave predictions. Our intention was, from the very beginning, to do something diferent from the thousands of sites that speak about meteorology and swell forecasting. That's why we have included many tutorials to explain how to "read" the information hidden inside each chart or text bulletin. We will do our most to keep updated the information and links. Now, a few words abour ourselves:

Dr. Tony Butt has been surfing since 1972 and lives in the Basque Country. He is an expert on the scientific aspects of surfing, has published over 30 articles in European surfing magazines, and he has published a book on surf science. He also highly involved in coastal research and continues to work as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow for the University of Plymouth. He holds a BSc in Ocean Science and a PhD in Physical Oceanography.

Gabi Pérez started surfing around 1997 in Alicante, in the Mediterranean coast of Spain. Although he is kind of "technical guy" (he likes Internet, radio, etc) he is all the time dreaming on surfing good waves. In 1999 he created the surfing portal Surfalicante.com, which has become a meeting point and reference for surfers and bodyboarders in the western mediterranean. He holds a Ms in Meteorology and he is currently involved in research with Numerical Weather Prediction models.

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